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I became a qualified electrician aged 20. As many electricians do, my career began with mostly remedial work, sometimes working through the night and often on weekends. Sometimes that feels like half a lifetime ago, but today I remain the same committed individual I was when I started out. I founded S.J.T. Electrical in 2004, beginning as a sole trader. Year on year the business progressively grew, as did the workload and the scope of the operation. I now employ a small group of electricians, whom I know and trust to have the same unerring ommitment to their work as I do. Over the years, we have built lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with other contractors in related trades.

Today, everyone at S.J.T. Electrical UK Ltd takes pride in being the main electrical contractor to a number of long established, reputed UK companies.

My long term goal is to continue expanding our operations, providing the dedicated and reliable service our customers have come to expect.


From our small office in Chertsey we have good means of transport to London and the South West counties.


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Simon Turner
S.J.T. Electrical (U.K.) LTD.