Specialising in time-critical projects, we often find ourselves in occupied sites where works require detailed planning and coordination. Our methodical approach ensures completion to scheduled time frames whilst avoiding disruption to our clients’ essential operations.


Fully Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements

Guaranteeing the total cost of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) visits, repairs to any item of plant or equipment and supply of replacement parts for a fixed annual cost.

Part Comprehensive Maintenance Agreements

Guaranteeing the labour element of PPM visits and repairs to any items of plants or equipment for a fixed annual cost. Supply of replacement parts charged at preferential rates.

Standard Maintenance Agreements

Covering the cost of PPM visits to an agreed schedule of plant or equipment repair for a fixed annual cost. Labour costs to repair any items and supply of replacement parts charged at preferential rates.

Small to Large Projects

There’s no business too small and no job too large for us to handle.

Office Refurbishment

We can work with and around you to plan and carry out refurbishment works in all office environments. From the front lobby to the chief executive’s office, our flexible working hours ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.

Data and Network Cabling

We’re able to run data and voice cables throughout your premesis to your specification. We can offer a fast, reliable and high quality telecommunication installation.

Dado and Skirting Trunking

We can extend, upgrade and install all types of trunking to suit your office’s needs.

Power Distribution

From a standard 230V socket outlet to a three-phase socket outlet, we can offer all types of power distribution to fit your requirements. We can perform alterations to existing, and install new power supplies throughout your premesis.

Interior and Exterior Lighting

We can carry out installation and maintenance to all types of light fittings. We can also install additional external and interior security lighting.

Emergency Lighting and Security Systems

Both interior and exterior, emergency lighting on your business premesis is required by law and must be routinely tested. We can advise upon and replace or upgrade your existing installation.

Consumer Unit & Distribution Board Upgrades and Installations

We are able to install and upgrade both 230V Consumer Units and 400V Distribution Boards.

Inspection and Certification

We can organise inspection, testing and certification for your electrical installation to suit your timeframe. We work around you to minimise the impact on your business operations.

Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T.)

As an employer, landlord or letting agent, you have a legal duty of care to comply with the electrical regulations in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. These state that you are responsible, by law, for the prevention of any harm to employees, tenants or customers when using any electrical equipment present on your premesis. We employ experienced engineers to carry out P.A.T. testing with the minimum disruption to your business. Our engineers will test any item with a mains voltage plug attached to it, including computers, printers, hoovers, fridges, extension leads and hand tools.
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